Road repairs in Odessa on April 9: which streets are better to go around?

The Odessa city council has published the list of streets on which today, on April 9, repair works will be carried out.

So, in the Primorsky district overhaul of st. Novoschepnoy row and st. Черняховского.

The current repair of the roadway is planned at the following addresses:

  • st. Ришельевская;
  • st. Greek;
  • st. Старопортофранковская;
  • Shevchenko Avenue;
  • st. Academic;
  • Oleynik descent;
  • lane. Мукачевский;
  • st. Osipova.

In the Malinovsky district overhaul of Alekseevsky Square continues.

Current repairs will be carried out on the following streets:

  • Ovidiopol road;
  • st. Мельницкая;
  • st. Спартаковская;
  • st. Plumbing;
  • Lustdorf road;
  • Admiral Avenue;
  • st. General Petrov;
  • st. Cosmonauts;
  • Ovidiopol overpass.

In the Kiev area continue to overhaul sidewalks on the street. Чубаевской.

Current repairs of the roadway are provided on the streets:

  • Heavenly Hundred Avenue;
  • st. Cosmonaut Komarov;
  • Svobody Ave. М.Троицкого;
  • st. Brave;
  • st. Architectural;
  • st. Walnut;
  • st. Белорусская;
  • Ak. Glushko.

In the Suvorov district current repairs of the roadway will be carried out at the following addresses:

  • st. Balkovskaya (from Raskidailovskaya Street to Staroportofrankovskaya Street);
  • st. Black Sea Cossacks;
  • Nikolaev road;
  • st. Palia seeds;
  • Dobrovolsky Avenue;
  • st. Краснослободская;
  • st. Слободская;
  • st. Хуторская;
  • st. Ak. Воробьева;
  • st. S. Yadova.

Depending on weather conditions, the work plan may be changed.

Photo: Odessit Telegram Channel

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