In Odessa on a coronavirus infection COVID-19 is carried out round the clock

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Employees of the Odessa regional laboratory center of the Ministry of Health since March 26 work round the clock.

This was announced by the acting mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov during a visit to the center on March 30. director of the institution Vitaly Goncharov.

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It is to this Center that biological materials taken from patients with suspected coronavirus infection COVID-19 are delivered from medical institutions of the city and the region.

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Vitaly Goncharov noted that new modern equipment for PCR diagnostics and corresponding test systems were delivered to the laboratory center.

From March 26, the Center conducts full-fledged diagnostics without the need to send materials to Kiev. Employees of the Center are transferred to round-the-clock operation.

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During the meeting, problematic issues were discussed, including what exactly the city can help the regional laboratory in this tense period.

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Thus, during the dialogue it was noted that there is currently a shortage of offers on the market for a number of consumables needed for the Center. The Odessa mayor's office has created an appropriate base of suppliers, thanks to which it is possible to quickly find consumables by phone.

The mayor of Odessa stressed that the city operational headquarters will continue to be in constant dialogue with the management of the Laboratory Center and provide assistance in resolving problematic issues.

“The necessary conditions for PCR diagnostics have been created in the laboratory, and professionals work here. Today, we must create the conditions and support all those who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus infection. And the people of Odessa must be sure that the city has a modern laboratory center, " - Gennady Trukhanov commented on the results of the meeting.

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This year the Center celebrates its 30th anniversary. Today there are 50 employees, the range of research is more than 200 items.

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