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On April 8, in Odessa, at 12 Novikova Street, a 30-year-old man tried to take a little boy away from the yard. Fortunately, the mother noticed and picked up the child in time.

Reported by a correspondent Ukrainian Information Service citing a source in the police.

Arriving at the police station, the child's mother said that a young man unknown to her, walking with a dog, took her son's hand and tried to lead her away from the yard. At that time, the woman was at home and noticed what was happening from the window. After running out of the apartment, she noticed that her son was taken to the grocery store.

An unknown person could not explain why he took the boy away. A conflict arose between the woman and him, after which the latter turned to the police. All were taken to the district department to find out the circumstances.

Earlier on  USIonline.comIn Odessa, a man was caught clinging to a little girl on the street.

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Source https://usionline.com/v-odesse-malenkogo-malchika-pytalis-uvesti-so-dvora-foto/

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