One of the main streets in Odessa will be put in order

On March 31, 2021, the Deputy Mayor of Odessa Dmitry Zheman together with representatives of relevant departments and utilities inspected the sanitary condition of Ekaterininskaya Street.

By the beginning of the tourist season, which traditionally begins in Odessa on May 1, it is planned to put Ekaterininskaya Street in proper condition. So, here it is necessary: ​​to restore a sidewalk covering, to dismantle non-working support and to restore external lighting, to establish to level with a surface the failed hatches, to uproot stumps, to make pockets (platforms) for garbage containers and / or to place garbage containers in ecoboxes.

«Today, during the detour, we looked at the sanitary condition of Ekaterininskaya Street. We understand that the tourist season will begin soon and tourists will come to us. Therefore now it is necessary to prepare, first of all to bring in a proper look a pedestrian part of the central streets", - said Deputy Mayor Dmitry Zheman.

As Dmitry Zheman noted, the work will be performed by utilities.

Most of the work will be completed by May 1, 2021, the work is scheduled to be completed by June 1.

In the future, landscaping work will be carried out on other central streets.

Source https://volnorez.com.ua/novosti/v-odesse-privedut-v-poryadok-odnu-iz-glavnyx-ulic.html

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