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Over the past day in Ukraine were recorded 19 thousand 676 new cases of coronavirus disease, of which 1 194 - in the Odessa region.

Reported by a correspondent Ukrainian Information Service

This was reported by the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov, the correspondent reports Ukrainian Information Service.
Today, the Odessa region, fortunately, has left the leading position in terms of morbidity.
According to the National Security and Defense Council, 28 people died in the region as a result of the disease (a total of 2056 deaths).
In Ukraine for the past day:
hospitalized - 4936 people;
deaths - 419;
recovered - 11221 people;
119 tests were performed (including 369 PCR, 53373 ELISA, and 21071 rapid tests).
For the entire time of the pandemic in Ukraine:
sick - 1 people;
recovered - 1;
deaths - 36381;
PCR tests were performed - 8568004.
On April 8, 19 people were vaccinated against COVID-18, of which 569 were vaccinated in the Odessa region. 710 Ukrainians have been vaccinated since the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

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