In the Odessa region, angry people beat a man: the reason became known

Near Odessa, an unknown person attacked a seller of a vegetable shop with a knife. Reports about it Vgorode with reference to eyewitnesses of the event.

The incident took place on May 1 Street in Chernomorsk. Near the local clinic, a man with a knife began to attack people. He then stole a mobile phone from a vegetable shop vendor and stabbed him five times.

After the attack, the criminal tried to escape, but was detained by passers-by. Enraged people beat the man. He was later treated. Fortunately, the injured seller was not seriously injured.

Video: Telegram channel "Course Odessa"

An investigative task force worked at the scene. They arrested an inadequate criminal. He now faces up to three years in prison.


Five knives: near Odessa a man attacked a seller of a vegetable shop photo 3


Photo: telegram channels "Course Odessa", "News of Odessa"

Source https://od-news.com/2021/04/09/v-odesskoj-oblasti-razyarennye-lyudi-izbili-muzhchinu-stala-izvestna-prichina/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=v-odesskoj-oblasti- razyarennye-lyudi-izbili-muzhchinu-stala-izvestna-prichina

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