Drunk fishermen were detained in pursuit in the Odessa region

During a joint patrol of the Danube with the water police, near the town of Vilkovo in the Odessa region, the crew of a boat of the Izmail detachment of the Marine Guard found a small vessel with too aggressive fishermen.

Seeing the border guards from afar, hearing a siren and a voice call to stop, the fishermen accelerated, trying to hide in the reeds. The escape was unsuccessful, in a few minutes the Marine boat caught up with them on shore.

An inspection of the vessel revealed two men with obvious signs of alcohol intoxication. The fishermen behaved defiantly, with unbalanced movements repeatedly creating danger on the water, even managing to fall overboard. They refused to present documents for the vessel and identity documents. Their foreman, who was fishing nearby, reacted to the violent behavior of his subordinates. He provided the necessary documents and called on the fishermen to calm down, to comply with the legal requirements of border guards. But the "bold potion" drove the offenders to new adventures.

In order to ensure the safety of grief-fishermen from trouble and registration of the offense, the boat of the Marine Guard towed a small vessel to a temporary base.

The offenders were charged with administrative liability for violating the border regime and malicious disobedience to the lawful demands of border guards. And the water police officers with the help of a certified breathalyzer stated the fact of alcohol intoxication of the head of the boat, for which a report was also drawn up for him. The case was sent to court.

In general, such "hop fishing" can cost offenders more than 17000 hryvnias. fine or turn into an administrative arrest for up to fifteen days, as well as become grounds for deprivation of the right to drive vessels for a period of one to three years.

We remind you that with the improvement of weather conditions and the beginning of small navigation, active recreation on the water has become more accessible, but it must be law-abiding and safe. The exit of vessels in the border controlled area is allowed only from open base facilities with mandatory information of the border unit, including the types of activities you plan to carry out (fishing, diving, etc.).

All persons on board must have identity documents, the vessel must be equipped with appropriate means of communication and have the necessary number of means of rescue.

Compliance with the requirements of the border regime is, first of all, your safety, as well as a guarantee of protection and assistance in the event of an unusual situation.

Source https://volnorez.com.ua/novosti/v-odesskoj-oblasti-s-pogonej-zaderzhali-pyanyx-rybakov.html

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