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The condition of a 14-year-old teenager is serious, he has 90% burns on his body. The schoolboy got on the train for a selfie and was electrocuted.

Reported by a correspondent Ukrainian Information Service.

Doctors do not give forecasts. The schoolboy's condition is extremely serious, his body is affected by burns by 90%

That's a lot. No one can make predictions. He has a combined injury - a flame and an electric burn of 3 degrees. This is an extremely serious condition. At the moment, he is receiving all medical care, - the head of burn department of the 10th city hospital told Alexander Stavratiy.

In the photo: Alexander Stavratiy


The teenager was taken to Malinovsky Hospital at 8 pm on Thursday, April 8. He is climbed on a freight train for selfies. According to police, the guy was electrocuted while running on the train.

This is not the first time that teenagers take risks and get on a train for the sake of a beautiful shot. The previous such case occurred in November.

Earlier on  USIonline.comIn Odessa, a teenager received severe burns: he got on a train for a selfie.

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