Rescuers urge residents of Odessa not to provoke fires in ecosystems

Taken from http://volnorez.com.ua/novosti/spasateli-prizyvayut-odessitov-ne-provocirovat-pozhary-v-ekosistemax-3.html

All rescuers are focused on preventing fires in natural ecosystems and banning the burning of dry grass. Firefighters are extremely serious.

During the quarantine, residents of Odesa and the region clean the homesteads and burn garbage / dry grass. In this regard, rescuers remind that it is strictly forbidden to burn dry grass, because when burning grass, garbage or branches, near houses or outbuildings, the flames from the hearth can spread to residential buildings and destroy them, thereby causing significant damage.

Firefighters spoke about the difficulties that can arise when extinguishing a fire in the open. The fire spreads very quickly and is able to cover a large area. The area of ​​such fires within 15-30 minutes can increase 2-3 times. Therefore, rescuers once again reminded of the need to comply with fire safety rules.


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