The municipal motor depot of the regional council was turned into a private service station with criminal "disassembly"

The Municipal Motor Transport Enterprise, which reports to the regional council, repairs and dismantles private cars. Here you can even find "Americans" who are brought from overseas for resale in Poltava. This activity is covered by the chairman of a regional council Bilenky - his person manages KATP.

The investigation into the activities of dealers at the municipal motor depot was published by the website Argumentua.com.

KATP has become one of the many "feeders" of A. Bilenky, which parasitizes on the communal property of the united communities (communities) of Poltava region. In particular, the territory of this utility company is the base of an illegal service station, which has been providing car repair and maintenance services to anyone for a long time (since 2017), the publication says.

On the territory of the motor depot you can find "Americans" from overseas, who were brought for resale to Poltava and are waiting for straightening.

There are also a bunch of other cars that arrived for illegal repairs.

The basements of the KTP turned out to be clogged with spare parts for imported cars - the Poltava regional council's motor depot became a criminal "car disassembly" - as the deputy of the regional council Oleh Dyadyk and journalists testified. Since the hoods and bumpers of the disassembled cars were kept away from sight - in the basement, we can assume that the stolen cars were disassembled here.

We hope that law enforcement officers will conduct a proper investigation into the illegal activities on the territory of KATP.

And deputies are waiting for explanations from Bilenky today, on April 9, at session of regional council. After all, it is his man, Oleksandr Prykhodko, who manages the municipal motor depot, which has been turned into a private criminal service station.

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Source https://new.pl.ua/archives/21095

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