The Law on Payment of UAH 8 to FOPs in “red” zones came into force

In Ukraine, a law came into force, which provides for the provision of 8 thousand UAH of payments from the state budget to individual entrepreneurs (PE) and employees who are in the "red" quarantine zone. The text of the law was published in the publication "Voice of Ukraine". According to the law, sole proprietors and employees who were forced to cease their activities due to quarantine restrictions in the “red” zones will receive a one-time material payment from the state budget of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 8. In addition to state-guaranteed assistance, sole proprietors and employees will be able to receive additional payments from local budgets if the local government makes a decision. Material payment will be available,…

Source https://np.pl.ua/2021/04/nabuv-chynnosti-zakon-pro-vyplatu-8-tys-hrn-fopam-u-chervonykh-zonakh/

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