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On April 9, the faithful honor the memory of the martyr Motrona of Thessaloniki. She was considered the patroness of housewives. That is why women prayed to her that day.

Motrona Solonska was also called Mentor, because often after thaws and frosts at night formed nast. Heavy frosts continued, and then the snow turned to ice, which melted again during the day. At this time, birds arrived from the vortex, which foretold the arrival of this spring.

On Friday, the birthday is celebrated by Manuel, Manuilo, Methodius, Motrona, Theodosius, Alexander, Ivan, Ohrim, Kindrat, writes maximum.fm.

Folk signs

If seagulls cry in the evening, the weather will be clear in the morning. If they shout low, drought is expected in the summer, or there will be no precipitation for a long time.

On the morning of April 9, hoarfrost and fog - the year will be productive.

The third needles have fallen - in two weeks the ice drift will go.

Chibis brought water on his beak - until the first spring rain.

Seagulls fly over the house - in the near future there will be a melting of ice.

What not to do today

You can not quarrel on this day, otherwise you will not be able to reconcile.

It is not desirable to borrow money today.

Meat dishes and alcohol should not be abused today.

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Source https://np.pl.ua/2021/04/9-kvitnia-sviatoi-motrony-narodni-prykmety/

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