The online game offered by the Ministry of Health / City Life / IRT-Poltava will help to teach to distinguish the truth from information fakes

To maintain their health during a coronavirus pandemic, in particular
The Ministry of Health of Ukraine calls for information.

" The information space now strongly influences the physical and mental
human health. If a person consumes negative and false information, it can
lead to a bad mood, depression or even trauma. Now, in time
pandemic COVID-19, you should pay special attention to your health and monitor
by surroundings
"- it is said on the official Facebook page of the Ministry of Health.

in words, Ukrainians must learn to distinguish truth from fakes, in particular with regard to
vaccination against coronavirus, and not be exposed to the latter. Help with this
and was taken over by the Ministry of Health with the support of the British Embassy
in Ukraine. They adapted the game "GoViral!". In it you can see the basics
principles of creating and disseminating unreliable manipulative information.
Student Alexander, among those who did not regret 5 minutes of his life, namely
so long the game lasts, and passed it.

Alexander Pikalo, a student majoring in

- The game was interesting…
… Where misinformation, and where

He says - as a student studying political science, before
was critical of the information that caught his eye. But the game taught me something

Alexander Pikalo, a student majoring in

- She confirmed some of my views…
misinformation it is created from scratch 

Go Verial will
interesting for any age group of Internet users - analyzes
Oleksandr Pykalo, student majoring in Political Science

- Social networks .. any age categories 
 And so each of them…
how these fakes are created 

For a recent one
research, - said in a statement from the Ministry of Health, every fifth comment under the posts
famous Ukrainians about vaccination against COVID-19 - custom-made, often written
bot, which is controlled from the aggressor country. Therefore, learn to distinguish between custom posts
bots and posts of people - is very important for the health of the whole country.

can be found at: http://bit.ly/GoviralUA

Source https://irt.pl.ua/video/21037

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