Telephone fraud - deceived an elderly woman for 20000 hryvnia / City Life / IRT-Poltava


"In Poltava yesterday at the elderly woman the rogue, according to the old fraudulent scheme, extorted money. And it all started with a message on the phone information of the following content: “Hello, your relatives were in an accident. We urgently need money! ” Upon receiving such a message, an excited 82-year-old woman from Poltava gave the swindlers about 20 thousand hryvnias. “-reports Yuri Sulaev, the spokesman of police of Poltava region on Facebook pageThe police appeal to citizens: bring information to the elderly about fraudulent tricks. Remember that all these calls "from the hospital", "from the police", "from the banks", etc., are nothing but an attempt by fraudsters to seize your money! So be vigilant! Don't be fooled!

Source https://irt.pl.ua/video/21034

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