In Kremenchug rescuers extinguished a fire in the entrance / City Life / IRT-Poltava


Yesterday, April 9, there was a fire
electrical switchboard in one of the residential buildings in Kremenchuk. At the place of call
the branch of the 16th State Fire and Rescue Unit arrived.

 Rescuers localized the fire at 01:55 p.m.,
eliminated at 02:32. 5 individuals took part in liquidation of consequences of fire
warehouse and 1 unit of equipment. The fire destroyed about 15 meters of electricity
wires, electric meter 4 apartments on the 5th floor, smoked close
10 sq. m. walls and ceilings of the entrance on the 5th floor. The cause of the fire
is installed. No one was injured or killed in the incident.

 Reports GU SES of Ukraine
in the Poltava region.

Source https://irt.pl.ua/video/21028

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