In Poltava, they plan to update the official website of the city council and the executive committee

On April 8, a working meeting of the Secretary of the Poltava City Council Andriy Karpov with representatives of structural subdivisions of the City Executive Committee on the possibility of updating the official website of the City Council took place. This was reported in the city council. Representatives of the information technology department, the press service and the municipal organization "Institute of City Development" were invited to the discussion. Together, they outlined the main aspects of improving and modernizing the site, which was created in 2007. Since then, the site has not been updated comprehensively.

Source https://np.pl.ua/2021/04/u-poltavi-planuiut-onovyty-ofitsiynyy-sayt-miskoi-rady-ta-vykonavchoho-komitetu/

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