A two-month period of cleanliness and improvement has started in Poltava

On April 5, a two-month period of cleanliness, landscaping and landscaping began in Poltava. This was reported in the city council. Inspections for control over the improvement and ecological condition of the city instructed to control the maintenance of the sanitary condition of the territory of Poltava TG, carrying out measures to eliminate natural dumps and compliance with the Rules of improvement of the city of Poltava. The district councils in Poltava, in cooperation with KATP-1628, have developed a schedule for the organization of timely removal of collected garbage. “Dear Poltava residents! Caring for the cleanliness and well-being of the community is the business of every resident! We appeal to all residents of TG not to be indifferent and…

Source https://np.pl.ua/2021/04/u-poltavi-rozpochavsia-dvomisiachnyk-chystoty-ta-blahoustroiu-2/

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