The atmospheric front will bring rain to Ternopil region

Taken from https://zz.te.ua/atmosfernyy-front-pryzhene-na-ternopil-shchynu-doshchi/

Sunny and dry weather is expected in Ternopil region during the day. However, an atmospheric front is approaching the region, which will bring rain.

Ukraine belongs to the zone of influence of the anticyclone, - forecaster Natalka Didenko notes. We will have dry sunny weather again tomorrow.

"However, the atmospheric front from northwestern Europe is approaching, and therefore our western regions will be covered with clouds on April 3, and in the evening there will be a little rain in the Carpathians with snow. The wind will be from the southwest, moderate. Anyone who is impatient to wash the windows, because the sun mercilessly pokes his finger into the murky traces of last winter, can do it tomorrow - the daytime temperature will rise to +10 +15 degrees. But on April 4 it will get a little colder. Next Sunday it will be still cool, and on the Annunciation the degrees will start to gain momentum - it will gradually warm up to +12 +19 degrees. The near future will be difficult for those who need a lot of moisture. Dry sunny weather is pleasing from the window or on a walk, but such dryness will contribute to the spread of fire and smoke, which are sometimes sent to us by our clumsy fellow citizens.

So, the weather in Ternopil region will be changeable these days. More stable heat is advised to wait until next week.

Sophia Romanska

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