In Ternopil region, rescuers are disinfecting streets and roads. PHOTO

Taken from https://zz.te.ua/na-ternopil-shchyni-riatuval-nyky-dezinfikuiut-vulytsi-i-dorohy-foto/

In the Ternopil region, preventive measures are being taken to prevent the spread of viral infections.

On April 1, rescuers from the region were involved 8 times in measures to disinfect the territory and inform the public about security measures during quarantine.

Employees of the 3rd state fire and rescue unit treated the adjacent territory of social facilities in the villages of Lozova, Kurnyky, Stegnykivtsi, Dubivtsi, Gai Grechynski, Gai Shevchenkivski, Shlyakhtyntsi of Ternopil district with a special solution.

Roads were disinfected in the town of Skalat, Pidvolochysk district, and the village of Tovste, Zalishchyk district. Streets in the village of Kozova were disinfected.

Soldiers of the 19th state fire and rescue unit of the Department disinfected roads in the villages of Hryhoriv, ​​Bertnyky, Dolishnya Slobidka, Dubenko, Velesniv, Zalissia, Korzhova, Zapadivka, Ridkolissia of Monastyryska district and the city of Monastyryska.

A special mixture was used for disinfection, which does not damage building materials, wood, paints, does not lead to corrosion of metals and provides reliable flushing of organic and inorganic substances from any surface. This reagent is completely safe for humans and animals.

During the assigned tasks, the SES soldiers complied with all sanitary norms and personal safety requirements, worked in special protective suits, gloves and masks, to protect the eyes and respiratory organs.

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