Ternopil region is finally warming - News of Ternopil and the region

Sophia Romanska

Warming is going to Ternopil region.

According to the forecasts of the regional hydrometeorological center, on Friday in the region it will be clear, without precipitation. The temperature will rise to 7-9 degrees during the day, and frosts are possible at night: 2-4 degrees below zero.

Warm air will start entering the region on Friday. And initially the tendency to increase the temperature will increase.

"During Saturday-Sunday, the southwest wind blows in most areas + 12 + 18 degrees. At night, tricky little mice-"minuses" will still irritate the day-long "pluses" of cats, but these are already ridiculous and useless attempts. The anticyclone will cause dry sunny weather in Ukraine on Friday. And on weekends the air temperature will drive further, to the sun. So tomorrow it will be time to adapt from the recent snow, "minuses", disgusting down jackets to the cheerful sun, the real April heat and the first freckles on the nose, "said weather forecaster Natalka Didenko.

So, already on weekends residents of the region will be able to enjoy the real spring heat. And significant changes in the weather situation will begin on Friday.

Source https://zz.te.ua/na-ternopil-shchynu-nareshti-yde-poteplinnia-2/

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