Ternopil through the eyes of a Kyiv guide: "The world tastes Ukrainian"

The other day a post by a well-known guide Serhiy Savchenko about Ternopil and the attitude of citizens to the nightingale language appeared on social networks.In the post, the author shares his impressions: "I'm calling my mother!", - the little girl says to her friend on the Theater Square. These words confuse me, because I can't hear that in Kyiv. And here this child says so, because his mother feels like a mother. At this time, a taxi driver nearby quarreled with a young man in Ukrainian, saying that he was an idiot because he was running under the very wheels of a car. He says "idiot" because he takes him for an idiot. And in vain, that the guy with flowers runs across the road to the girl, who, noticing him, shouts "Sweetheart!", Because he considers himself sweet. I stand amazed in the middle of the Theater Square, where emotions are raging. Ukrainian emotions!

During my two days in Ternopil, I never heard Russian. I did not have to be reminded of my rights anywhere, I did not ask for Ukrainian-language services in any institution, I did not clarify relations with anyone about the violation of the law.

But that didn't surprise me. Ukrainian is not spoken here under duress or duty. Ukrainian is spoken here because it is natural, because it is unnatural to speak differently. How unnatural to experience differently different, completely opposite emotions: from joy and happiness to grief and despair. And this is the most valuable!

During the century of occupation, we were not only forced to read and write in foreign languages, we were defiantly and consistently taught to feel the world in foreign words. We were deprived of the right to laugh and cry in Ukrainian, to shout in Ukrainian, to gossip, to be surprised, to quarrel, to argue and to prove our rightness, imposing the conviction that ours is something wrong, farm, second-rate, clumsy or something.

We have forgotten what the world is like for Ukrainian taste. So, let's be honest: we have learned to speak Ukrainian, but we try not to feel it. This is a problem, because language without emotions is doomed to loss of vitality and gradual transformation into a set of uninteresting bureaucracies.

Therefore, dear friends, we love my mother in Ukrainian! Let's travel enthusiastically in Ukrainian! Let's quarrel with our neighbors in Ukrainian, let's flirt and declare ourselves in Ukrainian! Let's make love in Ukrainian, and if necessary - cry in Ukrainian! Let's take offense in Ukrainian and sorry in Ukrainian! May our emotions be as beautiful, rich as our language, and may language help us to feel even better, even more fully, everything that life gives us! ”

The information is taken from the Facebook page Guide Serhiy Savchenko

Source: Ternopil LIVE!

Source https://ternopillive.com.ua/ternopil-ochyma-kyyivskogo-ekskursovoda-svit-na-ukrayinskyj-smak/

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