Ternopil residents can rent an oxygen concentrator

Due to the sharp increase in the number of patients with coronavirus in the Ternopil region, places in hospitals are about to run out.

Therefore, community residents are offered to rent oxygen concentrators.

The corresponding announcement appeared on the Caritas Berezhany portal.

“Dear residents of Brzezany, we know that many of you have coronavirus. Some people, after overcoming this serious illness and being discharged from the hospital, need serious rehabilitation. We sincerely hope that you will overcome everything quickly and feel full of strength again. 

WARNING! Anyone who needs oxygen concentrators should contact the Svoi Charitable Foundation in Kyiv directly. Details of the transfer of hubs can be found during a telephone conversation.

Contact phone - 0673753046 (Irina Koshkina).

Call and be healthy!

May God help you! ” - it is said on the corresponding page on Facebook.

Source https://ternopil.te.ua/ternopolyany-mozhut-vzyaty-kysnevyj-kontsentrator-v-orendu/

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