Hares and birds die in mass fires in Ternopil region

Taken from https://zz.te.ua/u-masovykh-pozhezhakh-na-ternopil-shchyni-hynut-zaycheniata-i-ptashky/

Last night in Ternopil region rescuers extinguished about twenty fires in ecosystems. Dead bunnies and birds were found in the fires.

In the spring, the number of fires in ecosystems increases tenfold, - says spokeswoman for the SES in the region Irina Krupa. As a result, soils in the region are deteriorating and wild animals are dying.

"On April 2, the staff of the 10th state fire and rescue unit extinguished a fire of dry grass and reeds in the village of Husyatyn on the street. Tsekhov, on the open territory, on the area of ​​100 sq.m., and also liquidated the fire of the dry grass which arose near with. Valley of Terebovlya district, on the area of ​​1 hectare. We urge citizens not to provoke fires in ecosystems: seemingly innocent incinerations can lead to large-scale fires, threaten the destruction of residential buildings and human lives.

The cause of most fires in ecosystems is called the burning of plant debris. Therefore, residents of the region are once again asked to give up this habit. Rescuers also remind: special raids will be held in the region to identify violators.

Sophia Romanska

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