Voice of the Country participant from Buchach Yaryna: "The project was not my dream, but it is a stage that left its conclusions"

During the pandemic, the attention of every Ukrainian was focused on many television shows and projects.

One of the largest of them is the Voice of the Country, where hundreds of talented people pave the way for the big stage with their talent. Yaryna Hrebenovska, a native of Buchach, also tried her hand at the show. A talented woman with an unusual tone of voice and manner of serving attracted the attention of thousands of Ukrainians, and the people of Ternopil region were looking forward to her next appearance on stage. Now the woman lives and works in the capital, she has great prospects for the future. She openly told the journalists of our publication about the show and her life.

"Voice of the Country" is a colossal experience "

Yarina, tell us a little about yourself, because ordinary people in the region know little about you.  

- I was born in Buchach. I can say about my family that this is a very creative cohort - musicians, directors, choreographers, designers. In short, creative people, so I could not choose another path. Since childhood, music has become an integral part of me. She graduated from music school with a degree in piano. At about the age of 13 she started singing in rock bands of our city. I attended festivals, competitions, concerts and realized that it was close to me. After the 11th grade she studied at the Rivne State University for the Humanities, majoring in director, actor and teacher of professional disciplines. After graduating from the university, the question arose: to stay in Rivne or not? She decided to move to Ternopil, where she worked for a while at the Palace of Culture "Berezil". She also worked for the then Smile TV channel. Then I realized that there were too many concerts and I couldn't combine work. She made a choice in favor of music. This is what I enjoy and also earn.

It is clear from your resume that you did not dream of being a lawyer or an accountant. The love for music was in the blood.

- I had a subconscious feeling that music was in the foreground. I did not have a clear desire to become a famous singer. Similarly, I did not seek to master any profession for sure. I just did what I liked and what I enjoyed.

For you, the love of music has grown into a way to earn money. It is known that you are a professional vocalist and have students.

- At a time when there were many concerts and orders, I realized that singing can really make a living. As for teaching vocals, she began to do so intensively after returning from China. We were there with the cover band for almost three years. And from there we actually came with a tiny daughter, she was 10 months old when we returned. Having a small child, it was not possible to go on stage. I had to change my profession. However, all my heart and soul belonged to music. I could not fully delve into the workflow. One day a random woman heard my singing. She started complimenting and convincing me that my place was among the music. My hesitations about work intensified, and I left my then job and became fully involved in music. And so the students appeared.

How did the idea to try your hand at the Voice of the Country show come about?

- It should be said here that I used to be skeptical about such projects. But now I understand that this is a colossal experience and you can draw many useful conclusions, as well as see yourself from the other side. My relatives, friends, godmother Luda, who is now in Italy, persuaded me to take part in the project for a long time. All these thoughts did not put pressure on me, but added a certain excitement. And I still challenged myself.

How did you choose the song, maybe there was some special preparation?

- The terms of the project are as follows: first you send online versions of the songs. Later, if you like it, they call you and tell you which song to choose to sing at a blind audition. In my case, there were a few favorite songs, I sent them, and in two months I got a call and was told I was coming. What about special training? Probably, it's about singing the way you feel and how it "vibrates" inside you.

"The viewer needs to be interested and retained"

“Nadia Dorofeeva is a man of fire.
She is energetic and very positive

Nadia Dorofeeva became your coach, maybe you would like to see someone else as your mentor?

- We speak openly with you, so I dare say that I do not give preference to any of the coaches. They are all musicians, all creative and cool. As I said, this is an experience from which I learned a lot. Dorofeeva is an extremely flexible, musical and energetic woman. She is very good, and it seems to me that if I turned to her for help, being no longer in the project, she would not refuse. Therefore, I think that some words are superfluous here.

- It is known that the favorite of many women of Ukraine Oleg Vynnyk gave the affection to you.

You know, I've heard a lot about this man. You yourself know that someone is mad at him, and someone does not accept. But he is a professional, no matter what he says, a person has achieved his goal, and he does not look at those who put sticks in the wheels. Regarding commitment (laughs, - aut.), then this is one mention of him in the history of my stay on the show. It was after "Bat live" when I didn't go any further. Oleg Vynnyk approached me and said quietly that I am very professional and to understand that this is a show. I understand that, but he probably really wanted to say it tete-a-tete (laughs - aut.). Even here he has shown himself to be a professional and a man, because he knows that it is sometimes very painful for a singer not to cross the set limit.

What is it like to be behind the scenes of such a popular show, or is it really full of intrigue?

- This is a grand show, and its fire must be maintained. From the director's point of view, I will say that there is a huge team that clearly does its job. The viewer needs to be interested and retained. However, there is a "but". When I got behind the scenes, made friends with many participants, I was even surprised that the atmosphere on and off the field is calm, I would even say that it is warm and friendly. I noticed that the directors voice real life stories, not contrived or distorted, so in terms of intrigue, everything is not as people imagine.

"When I'm asked if I will return to the project again, I say that I do not plan such things"

But still open the curtain of the project, is it really a blind listening at random?

- There is a script. But most likely it is like a skeleton. That is, the prescribed time, participants, shooting, photo shoot. Reactions, events, words, facial expressions and the choice of the judge are not spelled out. It's all real. Listening really happens blindly. Therefore, everything here depends on your performance and submission. Honestly, we ourselves were sometimes shocked by the reaction of the judges, their analysis. This is a show, everyone knows about it. The team works to present it as delicious as possible for the audience, but the judges are not the job, they have their opinion and choose as they wish, not as prescribed.

- Which of the judges did you see most often, how do the stars behave in life, without make-up?

- Of course, Nadia Dorofeeva was with us most often, she solved all questions and gave instructions. I had the opportunity to talk a little with Vynnyk and Tina Karol. She is said to be an upper woman. I think that's the image she carries with her. Tina has achieved a lot, and it would be very strange if she was down to earth and gave everyone a smile, although it is not known what would be hidden behind them. I understand her image quite well, and in the environment in which she is, it is impossible otherwise. Nadia is a positive young woman for whom there are no problems that cannot be solved. They are all the same people as you and me. Since everyone should find their own approach, their own key.

- You did not go further in the "Voice of the Country", but still on the social network you are followed by thousands of people, asking you about the project. How did you feel when you said goodbye?

- In fact, I am infinitely grateful to everyone who supported me, who asked me something, was happy or expressed certain emotions, it is very valuable. As soon as she left the stage, she was full of emotions, they were not bad, but rather sad. I do not perceive it as a defeat, it is a certain stage of my life. I can say that this is a springboard to something big, significant.

- The Voice of the Country project was your dream, what are your plans for the future?

- The project was not my dream. And it really became sad when the show was left by those who burned it, who clung with all their might to every opportunity. I satisfied my curiosity, because I understood the whole creative process. When I am asked if I will return to the project again, I say that I do not plan such things. If I want, maybe I'll come back. Most of all, I want the pandemic to end, concerts to resume, and musicians to feel free.

Do you have a little daughter, will she follow in the footsteps of a talented mother?

- Ella sings, but most likely she is copying her mother. I do not impose my life on her, because she is a completely different story. We do not learn anything special. Everything takes the form of a game, but at her age she already knows a lot. She saw my mother being shown on TV, I had told her about it before, and my daughter was in love with me with all her might and was happy when the story was made about her.

Source: Weekly "Number One"

Source https://ternopil.te.ua/uchasnytsya-holosu-krajiny-z-buchacha-yaryna-projekt-ne-buv-mojeyu-mrijeyu-ale-tse-etap-yakyj-zalyshyv-svoji-vysnovky/

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