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Sophia Romanska

Ternopil City Coronavirus Headquarters allowed worship to be held indoors, subject to a one-and-a-half-meter distance and a mask regime. Disposable utensils should be used during the sacrament.

Yesterday at a meeting of the city operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus decided to limit the worship services in the premises. Today, the decisions were partially changed and liturgies were allowed under conditions of strict observance of sanitary and epidemiological rules.

"I want to focus on the situation with indoor spaces. Once again, I must remind you that the main factor in the transmission of infection is still indoor air. Everything related to people being indoors needs to be critically assessed. The standard of the area per visitor must be observed in the premises. I want to appeal to the leaders of the denominations, taking into account the approach of the Easter holidays to take into account the situation and prevent any possible violations of the quarantine, "- said the epidemiologist of the regional laboratory center Vladimir Panichev.

Police will monitor compliance with quarantine rules in churches. Violators will be prosecuted.

We will remind, now for lack of a mask can be fined on the spot. Fine from 175 to 255 hryvnias.

Source https://zz.te.ua/v-ternopoli-dozvolyly-provodyty-bohosluzhinnia-u-tserkvakh/

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