Over the past 374hrs, 19 new cases of COVID-XNUMX have been confirmed in Ternopil Region

For the previous day in Ternopil region laboratory confirmedabout 374 new cases of COVID-19 infection.

Studies were performed by PCR - 2126.

442 people recovered.

13 fatalities were registered:

- a man 81 years old, Ternopil

- 41 years old, Husiatyn village

- a woman 82 years old, Ternopil

- a woman 35 years old Ternopil district with. Olyshkivtsi

- a man of 72 years from the village of Skala-Podilska, Chortkiv district

- woman 74 Ternopil district district with. Higher Lubyanka

- woman 86 Ternopil district with. Old Town

- a man 42 years old, Ternopil

- a 78-year-old man from Chortkiv

- a man 68 years old, Kremenets

- a woman 69 years old, Ternopil

- a man 67 years old, Berezhany

- man 39, Chortkiv district, village Dorogychivka


Source Ternopil Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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