In Vinnytsia, more than 19 patients underwent rehabilitation after COVID-XNUMX 

The Vinnytsia Regional Dispensary for Radiation Protection occupies 80% of the beds for patients with postcocious syndrome. 5280 patients who contracted the coronavirus underwent rehabilitation at the outpatient clinic for four months. These are people from Vinnytsia who were transferred to the institution immediately from the hospitals of the coccidiosis hospitals, as well as those who were referred by family doctors for the treatment of the postcoccygeal syndrome.  

Svitlana Holodyuk, director of the Vinnytsia Regional Specialized Dispensary for Radiation Protection, says that 5280 patients were treated in December and the first quarter. This is a figure only for the hospital. Initially, the hospital had 50 beds, then - 80, and since this year - 100 beds have been deployed for post-fetal rehabilitation. The number of patients to the gastroenterologist and to the endocrinologist with complaints after the transferred covid with complications on these bodies and systems increased. We also have a rehabilitation department. Patients who have suffered strokes during or after covid are coming for rehabilitation. They can undergo it both inpatiently and on an outpatient basis. 

“If at the beginning of the experience of post-coded rehabilitation there were older and elderly people, today they are younger and middle-aged people. There are few of them, but they are - there were none before. In the first place it is cardiopulmonary complications, impressions of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrinological problems. First of all, the covid affects the target organs. If a patient had any chronic diseases before the covid, it is definitely exacerbated, ”said Svitlana Holodyuk. 

Patients get to the institution for rehabilitation in two ways. The patient is either transferred from the "covid" hospital. There is a route developed by specialists who write a letter to the Department, it forms an order, and such a patient is transported by ambulance to the dispensary. These are oxygen-dependent patients who need oxygen support. They already have negative PCR, but they need additional rehabilitation. 

 As well as patients who have already undergone treatment and are registered with a family doctor. If doctors see that such a patient does not cope on an outpatient basis and needs inpatient care, he forms an electronic referral, does a PCR or ELISA test and with these results comes to the hospital. 

If the patient has signed a declaration with a family doctor and has an electronic referral, he will receive a consultation at the radiation protection dispensary free of charge. If the contract with the doctor is not concluded, services can be received on a paid basis. 


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