In Vinnytsia, they proposed to install garbage cans on Brigantine -

Vinnytsia resident
Sofia Bachynska registered petition to the city council with a request to install garbage cans
on the Brigantine Peninsula. There are 13 days left until the end of the signature collection. Now
the petition has already garnered fifty votes, with the required 350.

The author of the petition
notes that every year there will be people wanting to take a walk in Brigantine Park
more and more. After all, new buildings have appeared nearby, and a new one will be opened soon
shopping center.

"Unfortunately, there is no garbage can in this place,
where vacationers could leave trash. The nearest "urns" are at the stop
Chornovola, or near the restaurant "Vinnytsia Rib". To throw away
a cup of coffee - you need to carry it in your hands for almost a kilometer ",
- it is said in the petition.

The woman from Vinnytsia asks to install such a number of garbage cans that would ensure the convenience of vacationers and cleanliness around.



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