It will be possible to submit documents to the 1st class after quarantine or online, - the Ministry of Education

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Through quarantine, schools will be able to accept documents for enrollment in the first grade online or postpone their admission depending on the quarantine.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

It is reported that the decision on the flexible mode of receiving documents for the period of quarantine may be made by the founder (head) of the general secondary education institution.

"The deadlines for receiving documents for enrollment are determined on the spot. However, due to the epidemiological situation, we recommend organizing this process after quarantine. We also remind you that during the enrollment in the first grade it is forbidden to hold competitions and events to test the knowledge and competencies of the child. This is permissible only for private educational institutions and specialized institutions of the culture and sports system, "said Acting Minister of Education and Science Lubomyr Mandziy.

It is reported that information on the deadlines for receipt of documents and methods of their submission must be made public within two working days from the date of the decision. The Ministry of Education says that it should be on the websites of educational institutions.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education called untrue information about the alleged extension of quarantine until May 15 and the abolition of external evaluation.

In Ukraine, by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, quarantine is valid until April 24 and emergency mode. The project will start on April 6 for students in grades 5-11 from all over the country "All-Ukrainian school online" - Lessons in 11 subjects, which will be broadcast by Ukrainian TV channels and the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Education and Science.



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