The ring near Promenya and new traffic lights: how they want to improve traffic in Lutsk

A regular meeting of the working group on improving the organization of traffic was held in Lutsk.

Two schemes of traffic organization in two important areas were discussed. The deputy of the Lutsk city council from the "CONSCIOUS" faction told about it on the page on Facebook Mikhail Nakhod, - he writes Competitor.

Ring near RC "Ray". Several options, their pros and cons, were argued and discussed at length. We focused on two variants of schemes: a regular ring and a full-fledged turbo ring. Designers should finalize both options and put them to the vote of the working group in the near future;

Installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Renaissance Avenue - st. Crooked nose. The scheme is almost ready and you can start work soon. It is necessary to involve the Pidhaitsy community in co-financing the works, because the street Krivonosa is already Lipiny.

In addition, taking into account the repeated appeals of Luhansk residents, Mykhailo Nakhod stressed the need to adjust the traffic lights at the intersection Lvivska - Danshyna - Horodetska.

At the end of the meeting Pavlo Mazilyuk from the Department of Automobiles and Transport Technologies of Lutsk National Technical University presented software that can help simulate the passage of intersections in different configurations and situations. It would be good to have such software at the disposal of city transporters, but it is not cheap, - said Mykhailo Nakhod.

The deputy urges to submit proposals to improve traffic, they must be considered.

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