There will be no more snow: the weather forecaster told when the cold front will leave Ukraine

The current period of cooling in Ukraine is due to the fact that a cold air front passes through the country. This was announced by a leading weather forecaster of the Ukrainian Meteorological Center Roman Murmilo. He writes about it Universe.

"He began his journey through our country on April 6, and caused precipitation. Mostly wet snow in the western and central regions, partly in the north, "he said.

For this reason, over the next few days, the night weather in Ukraine will be quite cold - from -3 ° to + 3 ° depending on the territory.
"The main cooling will affect the north-western half of Ukraine, where night temperatures will be negative. But it will not be very cold during the day - from + 8 ° to + 15 °, "Murmylo said.

As for snow, April 7 was the last snow day for residents of Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia regions. Further precipitation, if any, will be only in the form of rain, and even later precipitation will stop altogether, the forecaster said.

Already on April 11, the cold front will leave the country, it will be replaced by a warm air mass, and a gradual rise in temperature will begin. At the same time small rains and a strong wind are possible.
Warming will first come to the east of the country.

"It will be + 11 ° and higher from April 15," Murmylo said.
Warming will come to the rest of Ukraine a little later, after April 12.

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