Tolok is organized in Lutsk and surrounding villages. LIST OF LOCATIONS

On April 16 at 10 o'clock on the territory of Lutsk city territorial community the ecological tolok "Clean environment" will take place.

Lucian is invited to join the action. Mittens, garbage bags and everything you need will be in place, said on the site of the Lutsk city council.

For cleaning on the territory of the city itself, 25 locations were identified and 35 - on the territory of villages connected to Lutsk. The main focus will be on the coastal zone of the river Styr.

Also, as part of the environmental effort, they plan to clean large squares of Lutsk, the botanical garden on Potebna and an observation deck near Lviv.

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In order to prevent the spread of acute respiratory infection caused by coronavirus COVID - 19, in connection with anti-epidemiological measures implemented in the city community, all participants in the action to observe social distance and use personal protective equipment.

List of locations where toloka will be held:


on the Styr River (coastal protective strip of the river within the Lutsk MTG);

- from the bridge on Rovanka to the football field near the street Arch. Metelnytsky;

- from the football field to the Commercial Court;

- from the Commercial Court to the former children's beach;

- children's beach - adjacent territory, sports ground ST "Spartak";

- Central beach - st. Драгоманова;

- between the bridges on Kovelska Street-Shevchenko Street;

- the bridge on the village of Shevchenko;

- from the bridge on Shevchenko Street to the Sapalaivka River;

- Horna Street (observation deck);

- the territory from the old market to the pumping station “Lutskvodokanal” on the dam;

- Vyshkiv old river (near the street Heroes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army);

- Vyshkiv (in front of sewage treatment plants), Selishchna Street.

Parks and squares:

- Central Park (Youth Center);

- Park. 900th anniversary of Lutsk;

- Park on Konyakina Street;

- Square behind the Registry Office "Heroes of the Maidan";

- square near ENCO and PJSC Lutskplastmas;

- Square near the Church of All Saints of the Volyn Land;

- Botanical Garden on Potebny Street.

Rivers within the city:

- Sapalaivka River (coastal strip, water protection zone);

- Teremnivsky rates;

- the territory near the Volyn regional archive to the park of the 900th anniversary;

- the territory near the 18th gymnasium - Strutynska Ave. to the pond in Teremno;

- Omelyanik River (coastal strip, water protection zone);

- around the pond in the area of ​​Stefanyka Avenue-Zastavya Street, Frunze Street;

- around the ponds on Kovelska Street;

- along Chernyshevskoho Street).

The village of Pryluky:

- the ruins of the estate of Gabriela Zapolska;

- forest strip along the railway;

- the village of Zhabka “birch grove”;

- adjacent territories of lyceum, preschool institution, outpatient clinic.

Village of Zhidichin:

- highway from Vyshkiv to Zhydychyn and M-19;

- Klepachiv - along the route to the forest;

- Kulchyn forest.

Village of Zaborol:

- from the prayer house, Volodymyrska Street - the end of the village of Zaborol (roadside on both sides);

- administrative center of the village of Zaborol (outpatient clinic, s / r, ZDO, building of Culture);

- school on its own territory;

- park near the church (need saws, trimmers).

Village of Bogolyubi:

- the territory of the park near the monument to fellow villagers (40 Years of Victory Street);

- Ivanchytsi village - the territory of the park near the monument to fellow villagers (Shkilna Street).

Village of Brishte:

- square;

- forest along the access road.

Rokini village:

- school territory;

- dam on the rate;

- park near the museum "Skansens";

- park in front of the premises "Science" and "Elite".

Village of Bukiv:

- playground.

Village of Sirniki:

- the bank of the river Serna;

- adjacent territory "Delicious stop";

- shore rate;

- area near the club.

The village of Knyagininok

- school territory;

- the area near the preschool institution;

- territory near the village council;

- area near the house of culture;

- territory near the lyceum;

- the area near the outpatient clinic.

The village of Milushi

- area near the club;

- playground;

- the area near the monument to Tarasov PM;

- park near the hostel.

The village of Zmiinets

- the area near the outpatient clinic.

Additional information can be found by phone: (0332) 777 925, 724 608.

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