how it works and what happens to the lungs

Artificial lung ventilation is the last hope for seriously ill patients with COVID-19. When a person's own breathing is already weak, such equipment provides sufficient oxygen to the body. The ventilator was invented almost a hundred years ago.

How it works, what happens to the lungs, what are the chances of learning to breathe on their own afterwards, is told in the plot TSN.

"There are two types of ventilators. Non-invasive mechanical ventilators - with masks that fit snugly to the patient's face, they can be used at home. With invasive lung ventilation, the tube is inserted into the patient's airway. About 1700 Ukrainians are now connected to the devices in intensive care, ”said the professor, president of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine. Sergey Dubrov.

According to him, approximately 18% of patients can be removed from the ventilator and discharged from the hospital.

Note that a patient's day on forced artificial ventilation costs from 5 hryvnias. This is the cheapest option, which includes food, replacement of filters and drugs for anesthesia. This amount does not include antibiotics, it is very individual. Oxygen needed by the patient and daily tests could be added. And also - the work of staff, depreciation of equipment and protective clothing. And at least a thousand hryvnias is the minimum cost of consumables.

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