During the day, 448 Volyn residents fell ill with COVID-19, three people died

The chief state sanitary doctor of the region informs that for the last days 448 new confirmed cases were registered in Volyn coronavirus disease COVID-19 (including children - 23, nurses - 29).

340 people recovered per day, 3 fatalities (Novovolynsk - 1, Volodymyr-Volynskyi district - 1, Kamin-Kashyrskyi district - 1).

During the entire pandemic in the region, 50 confirmed cases of COVID-264 were registered, of which 19 in children and 2 in health workers. 537 people recovered, including 3 children and 252 medical workers. 42 cases of the disease were fatal, including 465 doctors.

The number of active patients is 6.

Over the past 19 hours, cases of acute respiratory disease COVID-8 have been registered among students and teachers of Lutsk and Novovolynsk, Kovel, Gorokhiv, Volodymyr-Volyn, Manevychi, Turiya and Kamin-Kashira districts (17 students and XNUMX teachers became ill).

At present, 173 students and 241 employees of educational institutions continue to be ill.

New cases were recorded in:

Lutsk - 146

Lutsk district - 30

Gorokhiv district - 8

Kivertsy district - 16

Rozhysche district - 6

Novovolynsk - 29

Volodymyr-Volynskyi district - 20

Ivanychiv district - 11

Lokachyn district - 3

Kovel district - 77

Lyuboml district - 23

Starovyzhiv district - 6

Ratniv district - 10

Turiya district - 9

Kamin-Kashira district - 21

Lyubeshiv district - 23

Manevychi district - 10

During the epidemiological surveillance period, 54 suspicions of possible infection with the new coronavirus were registered, of which 595 reports of suspected COVID-482 were received in the previous day.

19 people were examined by PCR for COVID-197 virus during the whole pandemic. For the past 686hrs, 1 people have been examined, including 460 by public health laboratories and 108 by private laboratories.

19 people were examined by ELISA for COVID-152. Over the past 283hrs, 406 people were examined, including 368 in public laboratories and 31 in private laboratories.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, 9 people have been vaccinated in the region, all of whom received 053 dose of the vaccine.

On April 08, 2021, 560 people were vaccinated.

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